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    Letters Needlepoint Alphabet Collection

    Copyright 1997 Jan Voich

    Letters V Needlepoint Worked and Seen with Other Samantha Taylor Needlework and Paintings

    The letter V needlepoint is resting on an oil painting by Samantha Taylor. The painting depicts a barred window from a medieval home ( with the Spanish geraniums enjoying the sun ) - very typical of the towns surrounding Madrid. Rolled in the front is the Heraldic Borders Rug - from the Trades of Talavera Needlepoint Collection. All of Samantha Taylor's designs are color coordinated between each collection - thus easy to place together in the same rooms.

    The entire English Alphabet is available in this Needlepoint Design - all 26 letters - in the capital cursive style seen above. We made the Initial V into a Pillow for a chair seat. A simple and elegant addition to any chair in your home or office.

    Acquiring the Needlepoint Alphabet Canvas rather than the kit - will allow you to select the three colors to fit your decoration. The Kit contains the colors seen on previous pages: Ecru - gold and a blue background.

    The Needlepoint Pillows will enhance any decoration. The colors of this design may be customized to accent all interior decorations. We highly recommend this design as a Beginners Needlepoint. To give the Pillow or chair cushion extra thickness - we use the basket weave stitch - which also squares the finished Needlework nicely.


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    Needlepoint Initials


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