Jan Voich Designs - About Us

Quality Gifts.

If you appreciate fine products - we hope that your visit and shopping experience with us will offer you a refreshing look at this selection of exclusive items.

With the emphasis on authenticity - we have tried to put together a collection that reflects centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship and artistry - and above all -- premium quality materials - that are assembled with the utmost care.

We feature three major product lines ( at this time ) - exquisite Needlepoint Designs by Samantha Taylor - presenting needlepoint artistry in the historical European needlepoint tradition - and - our innovative Pack and Perch handmade portable wood and canvas Beach Chairs that double as a tote. We have - added a Gift Ideas section where we will offer you one of a kind - select art and artisan products made by the finest Designers

Some selections may surprise you with their simple design and function - others you will appreciate for their beauty and elegance. As with any collection - JAN VOICH DESIGNS is a work in progress and - we plan to regularly present new items and products and - do hope you will feel free to contact us - to let us know in what ways we can improve your future visits.

The products we offer are not seen elsewhere on the internet. Some may be found in very select shops throughout the world. Please appreciate that we believe in products - that are made to last a lifetime and more.

The company is owned by Jan Voich - a native Californian who founded the business in 1995. We hope you enjoy your visit to JAN VOICH DESIGNS - and - again - thank you for your stopping by.