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Geometric Designs based on a stepped-hook polygon motif dating back from 2000 B.C. - we have developed this Collection with true passion.

The Memling Collection consists of three different needlepoint designs. We named them Memling ( large size ) - Memling Gul (Medium) and Memling Motif ( small size ).

Above - you see a Memling Motif - in the original colors - finished properly into a coaster - with a cork backing and liquid repellent spray.

Simply block your stitched canvas ( perfectly square ) - then carefully finish the edges with a plaited edging stitch - after - apply an appropriate contact glue to both the cork and your finished tapestry - let cure ( dry a bit ) and unite.

Do cut the cork beforehand - carefully and precise to the finished size.

Above - we show you the same Motif - as well as the Memling Gul - finished into cushion inserts.

We use the Memling Designs for illustrations on how to finish needlepoint. Links to each page with detailed instructions will be added

Needlepoint Finishing - suggestions and ideas for finishing needlepoint into area rugs - hall runner rugs - carpets - throws - bench covers - foot stools - table runners - fire screens - pillows - cushions - frames - coasters - external hard drive cases - cell phone cases and more.

Memling is an extremely versatile needlepoint pattern - offering vibrant accents and a world where past meets present - a perennial design dating back to 2000 B.C. - will splash your decors with a variety of geometric shapes and colors to compliment ... any assortment of rooms.

Deftly combine - jumbles of patterns - and the whimsical spirit of this historical needlepoint design - into one chic package - as a single rug or combine two or more canvases for larger area rugs - of the dimensions desired - adding a border or not.

The three Needlepoint Designs are available kitted - in three different color combinations - original colors ( seen above ) - roses and blues. - a total of nine designs.

Choose canvases to purchase the canvas without wool - then choose the seven colors and fibers of your preferences.

Memling ( large size ) - is an extremely versatile needlepoint pattern which may be used to cover a piano or bedroom bench - headboard or table cover.

Memling Gul - in Blues - four panels joined together

It may be used as a single rug or combine two or more canvases for larger area rugs - of the dimensions desired - adding borders - or not.

The large Memling will finish into a dashing classic or - modern fire screen as seen above.

Needlepoint Finishing

Visit - Needlepoint Finishing - to view more finishing ideas and suggestions - they are plentiful - Needlepoint Rug Panels - Area rugs and hall runners - bench covers - table runners - pillow inserts - cushions - framed - coasters ... as well as finishing instructions.

The small motifs will make into cell phone covers - even perfect for mouse pads.

Jug of Flowers

More about the Painting

The original painting measures 11.5 x 9 inches - 29.2 x 22.5 cm. - select the image above to view enlarged.

Inspired by a tapestry painted by Hans Memling titled - Jug of Flowers c. 1485 the devlopment of this design evolved during five years and is now available in the original colors of the painting as seen in the Museum Thyssen-Bornmizsa in Madrid - Spain.

Together with the Museum the two other sizes - designs were conceived and developed:

Memling Motif ( 12 mesh ) 4,8. x 5.4 in. - Memling Gul ( 10 mesh ) 13.4 x 15 in.- and of course - Memling ( 10 hpi ) 20 x 27.9 in. - the interpretation of the entire tapestry.

The three Memling Designs may also be acquired in the original colors through the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza*s shop.

The stepped-hook polygon motif became known as the *Memling Gul* in literature as Hans Memling often included depiction's of this carpet type in his paintings.

The step-form cross composition ( without the hooked arms extending from the polygon ) is amongst the oldest of the traditional designs to originate within the sphere of Armenian cultural influence since the empires of Urartu and Phrygians.

Read more about Urartu - Art of Urartu and Phrygians - fascinating pages ... that link to even more histories of designs.

Drawn by Faucher-Gudin - from a plate in Perrot and Chipiez.

Midas Tomb at the archeological site Midas City (Midas ┼×ehri) used thestep-form cross design. The site is in the village of Yazilikaya, midway between Eski┼čehir and Afyon. See also a close-up of the inscription. The relief is 17 meters high and dates from the 6th century BC.

This traditional design was continued in the mosaics of the Hellenistic - Roman and early Christian periods.

Read More about the Memling Painting ...

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