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Needlepoint Finishing Instructions - Needlework Finishing Techniques

After stitching your needlepoint project - block it exactly square by steam ironing it on the reverse side - carefully squaring the piece to perfection - ( tacking it helps greatly ).

You may have to repeat the process until the piece responds. The beauty of all Needlework is truly seen when it is well blocked. If the finished design is badly twisted - please consult a professional shop - as Needlework Finishing is an Art in itself.

Needlepoint Coasters - Finishing Instructions

To finish small stitched needlework into coasters - after blocking - carefully cut - fold and iron the edges under. Then glue the needlepoint to a 3-mm. - 1/8th inch thick cork slab - precut to the exact size of the finished needlework.

Be sure to place glue on both the back of the finished needlepoint and the cork - wait an hour ( following instructions ) - then join together - to make certain the two are well adhered to each other. Once the Coaster - is completely dry ( preferably overnight ) - be sure to Scotch Guard it to make it water ( liquid ) proof.

Needlepoint Framing Instructions

To frame this Needlepoint Motif we had a shadow box frame made - by a professional framer. The blocked design is attached with contact glue to a very thin wood board - completely hiding the raw edges back around the sides.

It is important to inquire about the most appropriate glue with your local crafts shop as to their recommendations. Again - both the needlework - and the board need to be cured ( covered with the glue ) - and then joined together after waiting around around an hour. Your stitched design - glued to the the board backing - is then fitted with a small cube in the exact center of the back. The cube we used measures 2 cubic cm. ( 1 cubic inch ) - to give more shadow and depth.

Finally the motif - is glued to the back of the shadow box - again - smack in the center - and the result is - the latest framing styles - for modern art - which will show your needlework well - as well as keeping it dust free. The box may be painted in your color of choice -- we chose an off white.

Needlepoint Cushion Inserts - Instructions

The stitches surrounding your finished needlepoint design need to be placed carefully - stitch by stitch - hand turning the wheel of your sewing machine - to achieve a perfectly straight line - especially when using slippery silks.

The Pillows are backed - inserted into - raw silk tapestry fabric - cut on a bias - to add a touch of elegance. You can make the patterns with tissue paper or muslin - adding the seams - 5/8" (1.5cm) from the cut edge - to the actual sizing you design. Read More about seams.

Design Size - 5.4 x 4.8 inches - ( 13.7 cm x 12 cm ) - 12 holes to the inch.

Choose Zweigart mono deluxe or interlock canvases.

A full sized color photograph of the stitched design with instructions - is on the outside - the stitch-painted needlepoint canvas inside - with the wool fibers - all wrapped in a resealable plastic folder with holes to breath.

These are stitch-painted canvas. Select *OPEN / CLOSE - LARGE IMAGES* to view enlarged photographs.

The gift packaged needlepoint kits contain premium quality materials - including:

  • - Zweigart Canvas with Designs Painted in Full Color with a Numbered Color Code
  • - Full Sized Photograph of the Finished Needlepoint Design
  • - Instructions - how to stitch - with a Diagram
  • - Samantha Taylor Tapestry Wool
  • - One Tapestry Needles
  • - Each Kit is Numbered and Registered to Control the Dye Lots Should We Need to Send Additional Wool

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