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    Born and raised in California - Jan Voich studied Fine Arts - Art History and Graphic Arts at UC Irvine and UCLA. Jan*s parallel figure skating career took her to Spain where she placed 4th in the World Professional Figure Skating Championships.

    Today Jan spends her time between Spain and California - as well as many other countries - searching for new product inspirations.

    As the Owner of the Jan Voich Figure Skating School located in the Real Madrid Soccer Club Sport City - Madrid - Jan is very well known in Europe and the United States - and thought it convenient to design needlepoint using a different name.

    Thus the trademark - Samantha Taylor Needlepoint - was created. She chose an easy name to pronounce in any language - Samantha was her Persian kitty and Taylor came from the Spaniards first English lesson -- they all learn to say *My Tailor is Rich*.

    Designers - Jan Voich (aka Samantha Taylor)

    Jan Voich

    ( photo by Rafael Loraque - blouse by KENZO Paris )

    Jan Voich - became a dedicated Needlepoint Designers in 1995

    Often acknowledged for her exceptionally good taste - Jan Voich became a professional needlework designer in 1995 - and has since branched the Company into creating quality products to withstand passing fads.

    The Company - Jan Voich and Associates - is formed by experts in each field - for all aspects of the business to function to perfection.

    She is extremely pleased with the constant - rapidly growing flow - of new and returning collectors of their designer products - stimulating abundant energy towards new ideas.

    Considered one of the finest Needlepoint Designers in the World - Samantha Taylor Needlepoint - has recently become a household name. The very select customers who are attracted to the Designs - have defined them - as *Absolutely Glorious*.

    *Jan not only designs beautiful needlepoint - is a World Champion figure skater but is also an instrument rated pilot - a Renaissance Woman to be sure ! - Her designs are timeless from the Napoleon chair seat to exquisite needlepoint samplers.* - Smiling Sheep Needlepoint

    Jan Voich

    A fresh addition to the world of needlework - Jan is pushing the industry to the limits - and a very well needed push at that.

    Read more about - Jan Voich - with a view of her designing studio and artwork - a short biography.

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