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Proclaimer Kit
15.5" x 15.5".
39 cm x 39 cm.
10 holes to the inch.
Price: $ 230


Proclaimer Canvas
Price: $ 175

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The Proclaimer- Needlepoint Kits and Canvases - Samantha Taylor

Copyright 1996 Jan Voich


The Proclaimer is an historical Design adapted from 17th Century tiles from Talavera de la Reina - Spain. This Entire Collection is available as Kits or Canvases

From our Historical Needlepoint Collection - Los Oficios de Talavera ( the Trades of Talavera ) - El Pregonero ( The Proclaimer ) is inspired by tile paintings that are practically extinct now with Spain's recent *modernization*. Until 25 years ago - their reproduction was faithful to the original 17th century School of Talavera - the period when Talavera de la Reina reach the peak of its development to excel and earn worldwide recognition. Due to the shortage of silver - Talavera ware was regarded as entirely acceptable for the tables of nobleman. Poets of the century referred to it by comparing its beauty to that of their sweethearts. Spanish nobles collected Talavera ceramics finding it attractive for the beauty of its painted decorations - the wide variety of designs and the clear - bright colors. We meticulously chose the fibers to exactly match these colors and include the necessary amounts of wool in our Needlepoint Kits.

Because this is *popular art* - it is very difficult to find exact documentation - although they are starting to recognize this as *Art* and Museums worldwide are now organizing exhibits.

Besides the ancient Iberian ceramics - Ceramic Schools began in Spain after the Islamic conquests in North Africa spread to the Omayyad Kingdom of Spain ( AbdurRahman I in 756 AD ) and thence to the rest of Europe. England imported Malaga lustre as early as 1303.

The golden age of Spanish ceramics began mid 13th century. Schools grew from Malaga to Murcia and Manises ( Valencia ). Each province of Spain has their traditional tile designs. Traditions of the Muslim mingled with Romanesque - Gothic - or whatever European fashion was then current. It was easier to transport artists than ceramics and the ceramics centers grew throughout Europe ( delft - Italy - majolica ).

The Gift Packaged Needlepoint Kits includes:

  • Zweigart Interlock Canvas with Design Painted in Full Color with a Numbered Color Code
  • Full Sized Color Chart - Graph with Symbols and Numbered Color Code for Those Who Like to Count
  • Samantha Taylor Tapestry Wool
  • Instructions with Diagrams
  • Our Wool is Wrapped in Color Coded Labels Matching the Colors on the Graph for Easy Identification and Coordination
  • Each Kit is Numbered and Registered to Control the Dye Lots Should We Need to Send Additional Wool (No Charge)
  • A Wool Code Card with a Numbered Color Code
  • Two Tapestry Needles
  • Full Sized Photograph of the Finished Needlepoint Design


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