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Madrid is populated again. Vacation time is over and the bustle is back. The days are still long and the weather beautiful for a day trip to any of the towns surrounding us.

Of all the cities of Castile - Segovia may be the one whose charms are most evident at first sight. Situated 57 miles from Madrid - Segovia fills up with madrileños every weekend - who come to admire the Roman Aqueduct - the fairy-tale Alcázar and feast on the cuisine for which the province is justly famous.

Segovias Aqueduct

The Aqueduct is without a doubt - a millennial prodigy of Roman ingenuity. Since constructed - over 2000 years ago - the Aqueduct still faithfully perform its service of delivering potable water to Segovia. Having resisted passing storms - earthquakes and hurricanes - the Aqueduct maintains a magnificent state of conservation.

These feats elevate this construction to be considered a masterpiece of engineering where 20,400 stone blocks are not united by mortar nor concrete. Yes - you read that correctly - the Monumental Aqueduct of Segovia stands today because of the perfect equilibrium of forces.

Well - when you have one of those days where you feel you will never finish working your needlepoint - think of the Aqueduct.

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Luna y Bombé


Bombé is still very little. Dr. Alfonso estimates she is 1 1/2 years old. She is not allowed in the yarn room after a hank quickly became a birds nest - nor the printing room - she hunts and attacks the head of our large format printer. To Bombé, it is all a game. For us - it is a ruin! We are hoping that she will calm down with the passage of time. She is very funny (and theatrical) most of the time, especially when she passionately talks to the birds outside.

Bombé is short for Bomberos (firemen in English) - in honor of the firemen who saved Luna (see our last issue) and actually for all the firemen in the world who risk their lives everyday. Bombé joined our family in September 2001. We will never forget the firemen - nor the atrocities of September 2001.

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Our Favorite Recipes

PAELLA - as you know - is a very common Spanish recipe. Again - there are more Paella Recipes than *stars in the sky* - Norberto Jorge


Paella Recipes

Hiccup - The Little Onion

Enjoy! ¡Buen provecho!

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A Small Gift for You.

Sampler by Samantha Taylor Needlepoint

If you requested our gift last month and did not receive an answer from us - then your e-mail was lost (as we explained in our introductory letter). Please resend your mailing address to:

Stormy Weather

We are very despondent that we lost 172 e-mail's - there is absolutely no way to know who wrote to us. If you wrote to us after receiving our last newsletter - and received no reply - you were one of the 172 losses. Please re send !

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What to do When You are Down

Entrance to the Retiro Park in Madrid

Put on your finest walking shoes - walk to a beautiful spot and continue walking - very briskly - as you put your problems into the proper perspective. If it is raining - do not forget your galoshes and umbrella - but go out anyway !

We often choose Madrid's Retiro Park.


A stroll through Madrid*s most famous park - which located just behind the Prado museum - is an ideal way to finish (or for that matter start) any day in Madrid. The large Park was originally built as the gardens for the Palacio del Buen Retiro of Philip IV - in the 15th century but has been open to the public since the end of the 1800*s.

Amongst other attractions, the gardens houses some 15000 trees - a rose garden - a working observatory - three exhibition halls - including which the Palacio de Cristal a building entirely built of glass and a large artificial lake - and today covers approximately 350 acres.

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We Love to Hear from Our Friends.

Remember Pencil Sharpeners?

Please write to us. If you like, we will publish your correspondence in our next newsletter and web site. Tell us about yourself - a fun story - what you would like us to add or remove from our newsletters ... or any of your favorite anecdotes. If you prefer to remain anonymous be sure to include this at the end of your note.

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Nice Thoughts from (and for) Our Friends.

We would like to send our very best wishes to our friends in Germany and surrounding countries who suffered the terrible flooding this last month of August.* - From Us - Madrid

One Bunny

*Jan - Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Larry really enjoyed talking to you and I am so enjoying working on my needlepoint - it is truly one of the nicest pieces I have ever done ... the shading is wonderful.

Our little pug Jade or as we call her Princess Jade was a wonderful addition to our household. Six years ago Larry and I adopted two wonderful little boys who were brothers from Estonia. Unfortunately - the youngest of the two Mark who is eight was neglected and abused and suffers with developmental and social delays. After visiting many - many different types of Doctors the one thing they all said was to get Mark a dog to help him with his social skills and as a companion.

Mark and Jade

However - it was strongly suggested to get a dog that was by breeding considered a therapy dog. There are not to many breeds that can meet the requirements we needed. It came down to two choices the Boston Terrier and the Chinese Pug. My little guy Mark is a tough little boy so we needed a dog that could hold his own and not get hurt with some rough housing. This is how Jade came into our household. Since we brought Jade home she has been a god send for little Mark - they really adore each other. Jade is very protective of Mark and amazingly enough can read his moods and knows when he is sad or frustrated and will run right over to him - give him a big puppy kiss and nestle up to him. It is beautiful to see how much joy little Jade has brought into our home - unfortunately - our two Burmese cats Pywacket and Pawtucket do not agree.

Again thank you for responding so quickly and for your beautiful needlepoint every evening Jade and I sit down and work on it. Between Jade and the needlepoint - it is a great stress reliever at the end of the day.

Have A Good Day* - New Jersey

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Did You Know ...

A Little Monkey

... that needlepoint - like all similar activities is good for your eyesight? According to our Ophthalmologist - the eyes need exercise and by working your canvas then looking up and away - then back - you are actually exercising them.

This is all for now - - ¡Hasta Pronto!

If this is not all for now - revisit our August Newsletter

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