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Madrid is empty. Everyone went to the mountains or the beach. In the Spanish tradition - the month of August is for relaxation. We enjoy this as the city is traffic free - the people slow their pace and the rhythm is festive. The weather has been exceptionally beautiful also.

We have had visitors all summer. Two friends from Malibu came through Madrid after running with the bulls in the Sanfermines of Pamplona. As you probably know - Hemingway made this wildest of wild fiestas universal in *The Sun Also Rises*. Beginning July 7th - the city ends all order and tedium for a week of delirious festivities of sheer endurance.

running with the bulls in the Sanfermines of Pamplona

It might be true that a certain amount of stoical Basque blood is necessary to produce a celebration where the idea is to drink - dance and sing without stopping for seven days - and once revelers are worn down by exhaustion and hangovers to throw themselves in front of a herd of charging bulls.

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Luna y Bombé

Little Luna

Luna arrived first. She fell into a drainpipe when only three weeks old. A neighbor called the firemen - who later opened the wall and finally flushed Luna out with water.

Luna has no pedigree - but the neighbor spent a fortune on the bills later. We at Jan Voich & Associates promote giving homes to stray animals (if possible). She has been with us for 2 1/2 years now and has taken over.

This was a sheer stroke of luck. Luna - a very curious type - peeking at the optical eye ! We will tell you about Bombé soon.

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Our Favorite Recipes


There may be as many recipes of gazpacho as families in Spain. Here are a few we selected:


More about > Gazpacho

A Fun Spanish Site (in English). More about Gazpacho

1 clove garlic - peeled 1/4 Ts pepper - 1 Slim cucumber - peeled/cut 1/2 Small onion - peeled/sliced - 4 Ripe tomatoes cut in eighths 2 TB Olive oil 1/2 ea. Green pepper - seeded/sliced 3 TB Wine vinegar 1 Ts Salt 1/2 c Ice water.

Put all ingredients into container of electric blender in order listed. Cover and blend at high speed 5 -10 seconds or until ingredients are finely chopped. Chill thoroughly and serve. May be served with side dishes of chopped cucumber - green onion - green pepper - tomatoes - croutons. Yield - 4 servings

More about The Mediterranean Diet -- Enjoy! ¡Buen provecho!

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A Small Gift for You


In September we will celebrate our seventh anniversary. The Spanish tradition is to invite friends and or family out to dinner. Since you are all over the world - this is not feasible so we thought to send you a small gift - a CD Presentation of Samantha Taylor´s Needlepoint Collection. These are displayed with special effects and with *The Concert of Aranjuez* interpreted by - Tomatito (a gypsy guitarist). We will need your complete mailing address so please send this information via e-mail:

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What to do When You are Down

Ritz Terrace

The Ritz Hotel

Take a friend to the finest Hotel in town and enjoy a proper tea time. We usually choose the Ritz Terrace or the Palace. If you go alone - think of all you have - then only pleasant thoughts and memories.

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We Love to Hear from Our Friends

Mice and Cheese

Please write to us. If you like we will publish your correspondence in our next newsletter and web site. Tell us about yourself, your needlepoint *addiction* - what you would like us to add or remove from our newsletters ... If you prefer to remain anonymous be sure to include this at the end of your note. Please e-mail your comments by selecting here >

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Nice Thoughts from Our Friends.

Pencil Holder

*Thanks for e-mail. Am very happy with kit - looking forward to working it. Things often arrive later here as they are sometimes held in customs. All part of living in China !!*

- Shanghai

*I saw your web site and really loved it. I was only able to view the 9 products on your home page. Is there somewhere else I can go (online) to see more of your products?
I am thinking of doing the Trades of Talavera. It says there are 8 designs but I only see four in the picture. Why is that? Could I purchase six
instead? What are the main colors (it is sometimes difficult to tell on line). Thanks!*

- Washington DC

*The requested yarn for "La Campesina" arrived yesterday. I really appreciate getting it so that I can finish the piece. I love the colors and the design. I have a large Italian tile of a similar vignette.*

- St. Paul

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On-line Help

On-line Help

We believe in the best customer service possible. We will answer any questions you have while working our Kits and Canvases via e-mail - immediately. Do not hesitate to ask !

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This is all for now. ¡Hasta Pronto!

Samantha Taylor > Needlepoint Newsletter - August - news from Spain including the running of the bulls in Pamplona to gazpacho recipes - a gift from us - and the Ritz Hotel in Madrid

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