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After a - rather - radical sabbatical - - we are back - with - our news.

it was a nice - quasi retirement - yet much - - more fun to write !! This newsletter - began - over one year ago - -

Sorry for the delays.

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New England ... A True Paradise

A year and a half - of many travels.

We - again - visited New England - and New York - always fascinated by any hops over the Atlantic - - to the New World - from our lives - here - - in Europe - from Spain.

Vegetation Maryland Trees

Vegetation in Maryland - - Umm - so Embracing

Many months ago now - we visited New England - a pleasure - for - absolutely - - All -- of - the - Senses.

Annapolis - Chestertown MD - a journey well worth - traveling - and forever remembering - adding to those lifelong experiences. The vegetation embraces you - the wildlife fascinates - the small towns - majestic - magical.

It is funny - yet we believe - these moments - are the true treasures - memories of perfect - instants in time - where all elements flow together - - the places - the people - the times of day - the light - mysteries - seasons.

Somehow - when time is ending - it is most important - - essential - to know - that - you have lived.

A year and a half - of many travels.

The Chesapeake Bay

A lovely place to sail - on a proper yacht - preferably - - of course - we enjoyed the perfect day - the beauty of this part of the world and - cocktails of - intriguing - conversations.


The small towns - surrounding - The Bay - are fascinating - definitely creating a desire to return and explore more and - then more. Insatiable we are.

Visit these links to read more about the - > Eastern Shore - of the Chesapeake Bay

Later - within - this journey - we decided to visit ...

Chestertown Maryland - Ehrman Tapestry

The Ehrman Tapestry Shop ...

... in - Chestertown Maryland - where we enjoyed the - extremely warm environment.

The Shop - so impeccably - designed and - nurtured - to the finest detail - by - Ms. Marjorie Adams - a most brilliant - and - fascinating lady.

Chapeau - Ms. Adams

La grande finesse n'est pas celle qui s'aperçoit

Laura - a fixture in the shop - received us - with her usual - and - natural gracefulness - as we explored the endless delights - they - so carefully display.

Such a relief from - all of those - malls - still - rampant in North America.

Chapeau - Ms. Adams

Do not miss this - haven - a well placed step - in the right direction.

Be sure to plan a day or even a weekend to visit - as this town offers many walks - shops - cafes and historical treasures. Resplendent.

Ehrman - A true legend - in modern times.

New York ...

... was - as - always - vibrant - dynamic - alive - yet - - the best moments - were meeting with old - and - - new friends.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village

Nice - Ken - a very warm day spent. Thank you. Looking forward - to designing a tapestry for *The French Chair* - and - perhaps - visiting your country estate. Greenwich Village is so very European - again - we felt at home.



You ... captivating us - with your *picardía* - did - - almost cause a mishap - when finally - traveling - to the airport - with - that - Bloody Mary - after well relaxing - at *the club*.


The time spent - views of - and - from - your home - the chats ...


Thank you so - *My Secret* - for such an - Unforgettable - time together - and - of course - eternally - amazed - - how - we - met.

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Luna y Bombé

Little Luna The Little Bombe Cat

Luna and Bombé - Help !! ¿?

As we have been - incredibly distracted with so many obligations - travels - and other - etceteras - - both Luna and Bombé - decided to begin *chipping in* with - the - - daily tasks.


Bombé decided - one day - that - she would like to take over the web work - her intentions were sound - yet the reading was thick - and she - finally thought she would just learn techniques - by cat napping on the books.

Luna - on the other hand - was very diligent - and carefully watched Bombé - during - absolutely - every - minute - of - her - efforts.


Please excuse any irregularities within our web pages - they - did - try - - their best.

Luna and Bombé

We feel fortunate to have these two within our work force.

Especially - - when they are - - - sleeping.

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Our Favorite Recipes

Ajoblanco con Uvas

Easy Recipes - for- Lazy Summer Days

A cool summer soup - Ajoblanco con Uvas - dates back to - Roman Hispania. Considered a nourishing white Gazpacho - this makes a perfect first course for any meal - see the recipe - > Ajoblanco with Grapes


Soup or Salad - Why not Both ?

Orange - Red Onion and Cod Salad - from the Cordoba region of Spain is fun - allows for your improvisations - so - Refreshing.

Wine and Cheese

Treat yourselves to a glass of - white wine - and cheese - of course - then a light - summer siesta - followed by an afternoon of painting - and sketching - with some - - smooth - jazz - playing - quite closely.

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No nation on earth is quite as good at enjoying itself as Spain. There are so many fiestas that even if you could attend more than one a day you would not be able to see them all in a single lifetime.


wee dancers

A daily way of life in Spain - no special Fiestas are needed for - everyone - to enjoy a good dance.

Infamous for - self entertainment - the Spanish Dancers are seen from - the wee ones - in the streets - to the fabulous professionals - performing worldwide.


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What to do When You are Down


Go to your favorite - Country Gardens - be certain to bring - quality literature - poetry - your camera - a sketch pad - or - - all - three.

Indulge in a day of beauty - walk - sit - stretch - watch the nature - photograph her - read - sketch her ...

... what is there to be down about - when - Life - is so - very simple and - beautiful ?

If you are far from your - Gardens - we send you ours above. If in Madrid - visit our - Royal Botanical Gardens - right in the center of the city - next to the Prado Museum.

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We Love to Hear from Our Friends.


Please write to us - If you like we will publish your correspondence in our next newsletter and web site. Tell us about yourself - your needlepoint *addiction* - what you would like us to add or remove from our newsletters ... or any of your favorite anecdotes.

Just select below and write - it is that simple. Make some time.

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Nice Thoughts from Our Friends.

Dear Jan, I have received in all of the items you sent. I think they are so beautiful. You are a special person to see the beauty in the objects around you. I really appreciate the follow up and professional nature that you conduct your business. I have already told many people that we are featuring a new artist from Spain ( via California ). All success to you and your products. Always, Linda OLD WORLD DESIGNS 727 Santa Cruz Avenue Menlo Park, Ca. 94025 Phone (650)321-3494 Fax (650)321-9888 You are a delight. Thank you for wonderful designs Always, Linda Mendenhall

Frisco Kitty

A Frisco Kitty

Thank You for the Photos ... San Francisco - you are the best !!

hello from Philadelphia ..... when reading your web site ... I think I have missed something in life ... what a wonderful life ! Went to the Long beach Convention ... worked and worked and took some classes ........ and did not see enough vendors .. but got weary ... Your newsletter is great ... as usual ... I so enjoy reading it..... and living vicariously through your life ....TRISH REILLY Trish Reilly Trish's Place Spread Eagle Village Strafford, Pa. 19087 There are so many more - wonderful letters to us - coming soon - and we - do - thank - all of - YOU

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14th Century Granada - Comfort and Culture

Spanish Tiles

The 14th and 15th Century architecture reached unusual levels of sophistication - fundamentally in the arabesque tiling techniques - preferably used in paving and stays.

Extremely specialized labor was required for both tiling as well as other decorative works - a very common feature of Granada*s economy within the 14th and 15th Centuries.

Well fed from Sudanese Gold - - an invaluable source of income was added - as they exported their own image - an educated society with an acute taste for - both courtly and aristocratic comforts.

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Favorite Sayings

Like nearly all languages - Castellano (pronounced Castiyano) Spanish arrived at its current state over hundreds of years. It had its origins in Indo-European and then in Latin before it became a distinct language of its own. Here you will learn more about the history of a language that is spoken by more than 300 million people.

Help me Out of Here !!

The Spanish language is rich with refranes > sayings or proverbs that often become a shorthand way of conveying a thought or expressing a judgment - a unique form - yet a loving vehicle of communication.

Here you will find a collection of a sayings - one for each day of the month.

Of the literally hundreds of sayings that are a part of the language - this section includes some of the most common as well as a few others that were chosen simply because they are so charming.


Hablando - se entiende la gente

Conversing - people reach an understanding.

In Spain - people generally say what they need to - to end misunderstandings.

Very outspoken - people from the Mediterranean Countries - usually intend to resolve conflicts quickly - this truly reduces - unnecessary - and stressful situations.

Autumn ... Coming - Soon

Until Soon

This is all for now. ¡Hasta Pronto!... and Thank You for - again - for taking the time to read this.

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