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Needlepoint Canvas Designs - Queen of Hearts - Select photo to view all of our Collections

15.5" x 16".
39 cm x 40 cm.
12 holes to the inch.
Price: $ 216


Zweigart canvas - Copyright 2005 Jan Voich

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Hand-Painted Needlepoint Canvas Designs - The Queen of Hearts - by Samantha Taylor Needlepoint Designs - is the Historical Design - soon available as Kits.

Above is a single canvas.





The design is carefully worked - so that - when turned around 180 degrees - the two needlepoint designs - fit together perfectly ( seen below ) - to make into a wall hanging - firescreens - small rug - or a throw.

Use as the central motive for your table runners - surrounded by a line of hearts. The Queen alone will make a nice cushion - ask for extra canvas for a chair seat or back - smashing !!


Four more designs - are the borders. A classic design - extremely fashionable at this time - which will fit in any room.


Blue and White Needlepoint Rug
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DATED IN ORIGINAL SERVER - FEBRUARY 2, 2005 - X added to end of original file name - DECEMBER 3, 2005 - in attempt to end all publication throughout the internet.


The Queen of Hearts



Fun for a loft - play (or game room) - stark - minimalist decorations - black and white ...

... a great design - that - will fit anywhere. We did not invent this - it is an interpretation and original drawing based on a collection of multiple reproductions and images of the ancient - hand painted decks of cards - later to be silk screened.

Enchanting !!


The second option - the same designs - with much - softer colors - which should - blend in - anywhere you decide.

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The Queen of Hearts - 16 x 15.5 inches - Copyright 2005 Jan Voich

Historical designs with great symbolism - The Queen of Hearts was first created and painted in 1985 - by Jan Voich - and used as a costume for *Through the Looking Glass - and what Alice found there* - an exceptional - *Children*s Theatre on Ice*.

We have now adapted her original design and concept - into needlepoint canvas designs and kits.


Please read more about the origins of this tale - as - Lewis Caroll - was - one - very extraordinary story creator. Please - take some time - to read this classic tale. His visions are truly incredible. You may also read the entire story of Alice here > The Online Literature Library.



Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 days - We use Pay Pal - you may purchase from us in any major currency - and we do ship door-to-door worldwide via FedEx International Courier - who take care of any customs for us ( you will not be charged for more than the kit - or canvas plus shipping ).




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