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About Needlepoint Stitches - from Samantha Taylor

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Napoleon II Needlepoint is our featured design.

This reproduction began in July 1999 and was finished by October of the same year. We calculate 516 man hours were employed to complete this magnificent design for your needlepointing pleasure. The design contains a total of 51,984 stitches.


Two types of Needlepoint Stitches

What is needlepoint? Needlepoint is counted embroidery stitches worked with a needle over the threads of a canvas. There are basically only two kinds of needlepoint stitches - short stitches covering one mesh or thread - and long stitches covering two or more mesh or threads.

These two basic stitches may be handled in two different ways to form more variations. The long or short stitches may be *tied down* or cross themselves in the same way. All needlework stitches trace their origin back to these two basic stitches - or one or both of the variations. The stitch selections are countless - possible including over 450 different varieties.


Basketweave Needlepoint Stitch

Our Needlework Designs are intended for the person who wants to do more than just fill in backgrounds of needlepoint canvases with the half cross stitch. It is intended for the person who wants to create something original - for the person who wants to use needlepoint as his personal art medium.

Within this site - you will find needlepoint techniques and designs which apply to different levels and skills - appropriate for beginners through to the expert. We are presently preparing a complete section with photographs of the multitude of different stitch options - with precise instruction.

Below you see the Basket Weave - a beautiful - relaxing stitch - named the Basketweave Stitch - as the backside looks like a basket. A favorite amongst experts - as it does not twist or bias the canvas - covering and filling the design thoroughly. It should be used whenever possible - for subject matter and especially for backgrounds.

Basket Weave Stitches

The beginning needle worker - will perhaps be hesitant to jump right in and start designing with dimensional needlepoint stitches and mixing fibers in our Fine Line Needlepoint Canvases Collection.

An easy way to get the feel of painting with wool and other fibers and - to touch on the fringes of designing is to purchase one of our canvases or kits - which come complete with the right amount of wool - charts - and instructions to start you up.


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