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*Moroccan Nomad Lady* - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich


Photographs by Jan Voich in Madrid. Jan has invited us to view - a small selection of her photographs - taken on different trips and adventures. Most of these are from her private collection.

Notice the tattoos on the *Moroccan Nomad Lady* - these people commonly have their chins tattooed - almost imitating the beards - that men have.

The Moroccans have a passion for anything that is plastic - and willingly trade their all natural belongings - for a pair of thongs or an acrylic shawl - as they have no plastic objects in their country. All is natural and handmade - thus their fascination for plastic bags and anything similar.

Jan was overwhelmed with this Lady - *look at her eyes - she is fantastic - she is a nomad - and does not understand this housing story*.

Nomad Lady - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Jan tells us - *we went skiing - in the mountains outside of Granada one Easter - and after the first day - we had terrible sunburns - so Tad - Sandra ( my perfect traveling companions ) and myself decided to ferry across the Straits of Gibraltar and drive down to Morocco.

We did not realize the hotels would be full - and finally found a room - for one dollar a night - outside of Fez - in Sidi Harazem - totally exhausted. When I woke the next morning - Sandra said - *look outside* ! These photos show you the family who lived in the house. Sandra and I had both visited Morocco many times - yet Tad ( from San Diego ) was here for the first experience*

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Moroccan Family - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

*This Nomad Family all lived in this one room. The house has five rooms and our rented haven is seen below - the two boys - to the left found us this room - we were grateful after looking for so long ! Hardly the Ritz - yet - nice -- when you are - so - very - tired*

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The Ritz in Sidi Harazem - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

The next day - the adventurers - drove out to the surrounding areas ( still carrying their skis and ski equipment - of course ).

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Sidi Harazem - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

The spa village of Sidi Harazem - 15 km. southeast of - Fez - is largely a medicinal center - offering - as for many centuries past - cures for the afflicted. It is a local rather than tourist attraction.

The eucalyptus-covered shrine of SIDI HARAZEM - was established by Sultan Moulay Er-Rachid - in the seventeenth century

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Sidi Harazem - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

The thermal waters are seen above - with locals enjoying - watching three people in - after ski clothes.

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Sidi Harazem

Sidi Harazem - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

The beauty of the countryside in - Sidi Harazem - is seen above.

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Nomad Ladies

Sidi Harazem - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Sandra - asking the local ladies - how - they paint their eyes with the minerals (seen below) - henna - is a common paint - for their eyes and - for designs - on their hands.

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Paints - the minerals from Morocco - Copyright 2004 Jan Voich

Tea Time in Fez - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Sandra - an old friend of Jan - is seen above - as her blisters disappeared from the terrible sun burn - after skiing in Granada. The last thing they wanted to do was - to be seen in Madrid - after everyone warned them to be - very careful. So - they lost themselves - until the blisters ended (we will not show these blister photos).

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Fez - a typical street - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Touring the streets of Fez - is always a feat - this is an unusual view - without the throngs of people - donkeys and vendors. First visiting Fez in 1971 - Jan has returned many times - and has a huge collection of photographs from each trip to the different spots visited here and other spots in North Africa and Africa.

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A Mosque in Fez - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Ladies are not allowed inside of Mosques - so this photograph is one that Jan took from the door.

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This is where the people - in Fez - dry their leather and later dye it in the colors seen below - in vats. A very similar process to Our Needlepoint Fiber Makers - yet - this is what the process was - in ancient times.

Fez - Color dyes

Fez - Tannery - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

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Tangiers - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

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On the way back to Spain - The Traveler*s - stopped in Tangiers - seen above. A street vendor - - impeccably dressed - stopped - to offer them - his home baked goods.

Moroccan Vendor

Moroccan Vendor - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Moroccan Vendor

Vendor - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

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The Alhambra - Granada

Alhambra - a view of Granada from el Generalife - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Crossing - again - the straits of Gibraltar - the skiers returned through Granada - visited with friends in Mohacar ( a whole other page of fun photos - coming - soon ) - then returned to Madrid.

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Alberto del Saz - Blanca Marsillach

Alberto del Saz - Jeannette Capocci - Blanca Marsillach in Pedraza

Alberto and Jeannette were skating teachers in Jan*s Figure Skating School - Blanca was a student and all are friends - seen - as they took day trips - out of Madrid. Jan had over thirty teachers working with her in her school - yet Alberto - from Bilbao - and Jeannette - from Sweden were the only *imports*.

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Pedraza - Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor of Pedraza

There are many music concerts (classical) - art exhibits and other cultural events programed here - mostly promoted by Paco Muñoz and Sabine - founders of this town - and owners of Casa y Jardin (House and Garden).

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Avila Estate

Avila - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

These are other friends of Jan - who have a lovely estate outside of Avila dating back to 1264. Many of the photographs of her needlepoint are photographed here.

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Patricia in Cuenca

Cuenca - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

A weekend in Cuenca - with another group - of passionate art collectors and friends - above you see Patxi - clowning around - - as usual.

Art Collection - Cuenca

Cuenca Paintings - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

A corner of this renovated house in Cuenca shows some of the many paintings decorating this beautiful weekend home of Pilar*s. More photos below - from this (and so many) - great weekends.

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The Loom - in Cuenca

Cuenca - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

The Bathroom in Cuenca

Cuenca - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

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Kabila - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Kabila - a beach in Northern Morocco - where Jan has visited many times - is almost always empty - except for the residents and the few guests at a very small and exclusive hotel.

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Gonzalo Garcia Marquez

Gonzalo Garcia Marquez - Sandra Rotondo - Eduardo Sepulveda

Gonzalo - Sandra and - Eduardo - when - students in Paris invited Jan to stay with them - later they all met in Mexico City and Gonzalo with Pia (his wife now) showed us their country - inviting Jan - again - to their family home in Cuernavaca.

Sandra and Jan continued on to Oaxaca - Mitla - Palenque - then returned to Spain together after spending time in California.

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Pyramids in Mitla - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Deciding to see the archaeological wonders and art of Mexico - Jan again - agreed with Sandra not to *do the beaches*. Visiting Villahermosa - Oaxaca - Mitla and Palenque - you see some of her photographs here. Finally - Sandra took a shot of Jan - ya era hora !!

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Pyramids - Mitla

Wall of a Pyramid in Mitla - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

There are many more photographs of these wonderful motifs seen in these pyramids - yet this page is too long already - so another day. Below is the back of a shop - where the owners had a loom and many pieces - from the excavations of the pyramids.

A Shop in Mitla

Shop in Mitla - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

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Michel Rey

Michael Rey - New York - Copyright 2009 Jan Voich

Jan did stop by New York to visit friends later that year - her typical habit going and leaving California - and a way to break up the long flights. Here she plays with Michael Rey - the fabulous graphic artist.

At this time - he was designing - for Mick Jagger - now - he has relaxed into the Getty Museum - and lives in L.A.

These two are dangerous - when they are together - especial when the ideas never stop. Michael says this is not work - it is play - and Jan agrees.

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Pilar Mencos


During a very recent invitation to - a lovely estate - outside of Madrid - we discovered - an incredible group of people. The most enchanting person of the group - Pilar Mencos - with a wonderful accent from Sevilla - is a tapestry artist (seen above - wearing Alonso*s baseball cap) - and she showed us one of her thousands of designs created during her lifetime - (seen below).

Pilar Mencos

Alonso Mencos - (seen above) - will be showing us many more of his Aunt Pilar*s - incredible tapestries soon. Select the photograph below - to see view her stitches with - more detail.

Alonso has lived in Northern California for twenty years and - now - - explains the USA - to us.

Tia Pilar - you have - our complete admiration - and please - visit us again - very soon.

Tapestry by Pilar Mencos - Select this photo to see more detail.

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Many more photographs - - and stories ... will come - > soon - there are - - just too many - and - no time.

Jan Voich

Now - be sure to visit - - > Designers - as well as > Designs - Thank You - and please return soon - to view new additions.




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