Lavender PlantsPilar - carefully - selecting the finest lavender plants

Designers - Pilar and Cesar - begin by adding their handmade Lavender Wands - weaved together by ribbons - enclosing the sun dried lavender flowers.

A family summer project - Cesar with his eldest daughter- making Lavender Wands - in their Country Villa - Soria Spain - where Pilar joins them later - after carefully selecting the finest plants from their fields.

A work of Art - and a hobby - Pilar and her family began making Lavender Wands years ago. They have become so popular that we are now looking for ways to keep up with the demand !!

Wand Maker - at a Very Wee age !!

Cesar and Pilar*s daughter- making her first - Lavender Wands

The little Wand Maker is now nine years old - and counts on additional help from her seven year old sister !!

Making Lavender Wands

A top European professional photographer - Cesar has lent us these photos from his Private Collection

Both Pilar and Cesar work as decorators and designers with the most prestigious European Firms and magazines. We are very pleased they have decided to join us.

Sachet Wands - the finished product


Wands - Lavender ScentedLavenderWands

Lavender Sachets - 10 x 2 inches

Each individual Sachet is made from 69 separate lavender plants - picked only when in bloom - the singled stem plant is carefully stripped of leaves and tied together with ribbon - weaving three by three stems - and finally enclosing the sun dried flower inside and sealing the top with a bow. If the scent fades - just squeeze - and it will return !!

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Jan Voich

Jan Voich creates - a cooperative effort - inviting different Designers and Artists to show you their works of art - please be patient as we are very select about who and what we offer you ... and - true quality does take time.

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Henry - making Jewelry Trees

Maritza - a designer with exquisite taste - specializing in leather items - a new line of over 75 designs

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Marta - a fantastic discovery - joins our group of designers .....

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Spanish Artists

An incredible and extremely sensitive artist - Victor - as he creates his sculptures. Welcome.

Victor selects tile designs for our pages.

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Henry - making Jewelry Trees


Designers who like to call themselves artisans - Victor and Montse are a treasured addition to our group.

Her jewelry - his earring trees and candle holders are worked to the finest detail. FABULOUS !!

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More About Lavender ...

Lavender Wands

More About Lavender - A True - Gift for the Senses

Originally discovered in the Mediterranean countries - the perennial herb -- Lavender - has always been prized for her perfume and medicinal qualities she possesses. The ancient Romans used Lavender for her healing and antiseptic qualities - the name itself comes from the Latin *lavare* > to wash.

An excellent garden flower - lavender is hard to *beat* - - offering fragrance - beauty and a harvest of fabulous - smelling blooms.

Old English Lavender - a must for any garden - grows two to three feet high - given a sunny spot in well drained soil - - producing fragrant grayish leaves and blue - purple flowers. It is hardy and - - drought tolerant as well.

The more compact variety - Hidcote - has - a darker blue flower - which grows to around a foot high and - - will be lovely in your flower or herb garden - also stunning as a low hedge - and should attract bees and butterflies ... all Summer long.

Lavender Sachets - Herbal Delights - Lavender will Return YOU to Nature

Lavender Wands - Herbal Delights - Lavender will Return - you to Nature

Adapts well to growing in containers so - place some on your patio - deck or terrace area and you will be able to enjoy the heady fragrance as you relax.

Lavender*s spiky form is always useful in Summer flower arranging. Imagine a more welcoming posy for a guest room than lavender freshly picked from the garden - mixed with lovely pastel coloured sweet peas and - a couple of old fashioned roses.

To dry your lavender - strip the leaves and - the new - opening flowers from the stalk - - spread out in a warm place before using in potpourris - add fragrance to your rooms - in cotton sprigged sachets to scent and deter moths from drawers and closets or - tuck between your bed pillows for their sleep inducing qualities.

You may also scent a relaxing and antiseptic bath by tying sprigs of lavender into a piece of muslin and letting the bath water run over it as it fills your bath. If you do not have fresh lavender try adding a couple of drops of the essential oil.

Essential oil of lavender is used in aromatherapy to lift depression - combat tiredness and help relaxation. It has strong disinfectant properties and was even used on the battle fields of World Wars I and II to prevent infection and relieve pain - when other medical supplies were low. A drop of lavender oil mixed with a teaspoon of carrier oil such as grape seed and massaged into the temples and back of the neck will soothe away headaches. Mixed with a massage oil it is also thought to help relieve the pain of arthritis or aching muscles.

Around the home - dried lavender stalks may be burned like incense sticks or - burned on the fire for their wonderful fragrance.

Dried lavender may also be tied into wands - wired on to vine wreaths - used in floral art - candle making and many other crafts.

In the garden - in the bath - or anywhere around the home - lavender truly is - a treat for the senses !! Sorry we are not able to sent you the fragrance via the Internet - maybe soon ?


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