Wooden Beach Chair - Pack and Perch

Price: $160 - add $25 - UPS ground ( within the 48 Contiguous States )

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Wood Chair

Stylish Wooden Beach Chair - Holds all your gear - Unzip - unfold - and in seconds you have a comfortable three-positioned folding chair

This Patented Wooden Beach Chair is extremely well made - using only the finest materials. The chair also turns into a tote bag.

The ideal solution for any outing as you carry all you need inside the tote - small items in the outside pocket.

Once at your destination - the tote becomes the cover of your beach chair.

A simple yet elegant design for maximum durability - functionality and style.

Folding Beach Chair - Wood

Reminiscent of the classic 1950s Beach Chairs. Also reminiscent of well made products of the past. We have used our same Chair for 32 years now. We decided to Patent this chair tote combination - and reproduce it as we know that - you - like ourselves - enjoy a well made product.

Wood Structure - Folding Bags

The Birch Wood Structure may be unscrewed to wash the heavy weight canvas cover.

Your Folding Beach Chair will fit inside of a suitcase for travel - or it may be taken apart and tucked inside your carry on. Simply remove the ten screws joining the wooden structure and slip inside any smaller case.

Useful for other outdoor activities - Pack and Perch™ - Wooden Chairs are also ideal for picnics - polo - decks ( use a towel - for fiber glass decks ) - pools and outside concerts. Be sure to carry an extra pillow inside the tote for sitting on harder grounds.

Handmade using top quality materials - solid birchwood - heavyweight canvas - durable thick plastic zipper - includes a small matching pillow.

Measures - 24.25" height x 22.25" width x 1" depth -- Weight - 3 lbs. 8 oz.

These Wooden Beach Chairs - are made of heavyweight naught duck cotton canvas and quality selected-to-match birch.

A different kind of beach "chair". The canvas piece that forms the back of the sand chair continues beyond the wooden frame and also forms the "seat" cover. The seat is the sand below. Easily adjustable back angle. Folds to a very compact and lightweight package. Birch construction - reinforced with quality hardware. Ideal for the beach - picnics - outdoor concerts and watching sports.

Measures - 24.25" height x 22.25" width x 1" depth -- Weight - 3 lbs. 8 oz.

Price: $160 - add $25 - UPS ground ( within the 48 Contiguous States )


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