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Read more about our Needlepoint Pillow Kits and Canvases - select a small images below - where you may view detailed photographs of the gift packaging and contents.

Needlepoint Kits - Needlepoint Canvases Needlepoint Kits Needlepoint Canvases - Needlepoint Kits Needlepoint Canvases

Needlepoint Tapestry Kit Needlepoint Kit Contents Needlepoint Pillow Kits Needlepoint Pillow Kit

We have kits and canvases from small to extra large sizes.

Most canvases you may choose Zweigart mono deluxe or interlock canvases.

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Needlepoint Gift Packaging by Samantha Taylor. This page shows you a detailed photograph of Samantha Taylor Pillow Kits and and their contents - including charts - canvases - fibers - needles and color codes cards. Most of our Designs may be finished into pillows.

To purchase these tapestry kits - select - Pillow Kits. View the Canvases.

The Hunter Needlepoint Pillow Kits photographed - shows most of the colors of the Trades Needlepoint Collection. Each Color of Samantha Taylor Tapestry Wool is individually wrapped - color coded and numbered to match the Needlepoint Charts and the Canvas. To purchase these tapestry kits - select - Pillow Kits.

We spend a great deal of time testing each color printed on the yarn labels - the paper charts and the painted canvases to meticulously match the fibers. In some cases - we choose to brighten a color for your ease in distinguishing similar tones. For example - the Trades Needlepoint Collection - uses three shades of Ancient Navy Blue which are very similar. In this case - we accent the contrasts by lightening and darkening the true colors - until they are easy to differentiate. Although not truly necessary - we add a color code card to kits containing more than seven colors. Our uniquely color coded and numbered yarn labels make the code card an extra option.

Most of Our Designer Pillow Kits make into lovely pillows - some seen on the Designs page - or by selecting the links above and to the right. Our Needlepoint Pillow Kits are as easy to follow as a *paint by number* project. The two Tapestry Needles are fixed on a recycled cardboard and - slipped into a tiny recycled envelope. All of the Needlepoint Kits are completely made in-house. We cut each box by hand as well as the tapestry yarn labels - charts and photos. We calculate around four hours are needed to completely make and assemble one of our Needlework Kits. Should you desire extra Tapestry Wool - we include a form inside of each kit - with the Kits ID Number stamped on it. Either send this form to us or simply e-mail your request - providing the necessary information. Please do not bother the Needlework Shop who sold you your kit - we will be able to provide the proper dye lot of our wool to match your registered kit.

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