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We have kits and canvases from small to extra large sizes.

Most canvases you may choose Zweigart mono deluxe or interlock canvases.

Our Needlepoint Kits contain everything needed to complete your finished Needlework project ... and a tad more !! All of the kits may be acquired - as the canvas only - if you prefer to choose your own fibers. Read more ...

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These Needlepoint Pllow Kits are made in our studio - requiring over four man hours to completely make each kit. While printing the full sized photographs - charts and wool labels - we select the proper colors and quantity of our tapestry wool - what is fondly called *the Recipe*. Each color coded wool label is hand cut and the wool skein is then wrapped carefully in its corresponding label - left to dry and then aired with lavender plants nearby - to pick up the fragrances - also an additional moth repellant. The Canvases are also prepared one by one to insure their exact reproduction. Many are stitch painted by hand - when required - to insure your stitching pleasures. Our Kits are considered some of the finest - due to the designs - the precision of our canvas painting - and - of course - the finest quality of all materials. We enjoy each and every kit we produce - forever hoping it will please you.

The gift packaged canvases are packaged in a resealable large plastic envelope - with two holes to breath. Inside the bag a light weight foam board separates the painted canvas with wool requirements attached on one side and the full sized photograph on the other side. The canvses are not folded - except for the larger ones - which are folded back to the design. The actual design is *fold free*.

The diversity of our designs is well studied to offer a choice for different tastes - decorations and expertise. We do not repeat many of the same themes - rather opting for a selection of needlepoint designs - which will fit together in any one room - yet offer variety - and more personality for your decorations. We do not sub-contract any components of our kits or canvases. The entire Needlepoint Kit is completely produced in our studio. We created the unique packaging over a period of time. You will see a full sized photograph on the one side and the entire - unfolded canvas on the other. This way - you are certain your canvas is perfectly workable before even opening the kit. Once you open your kit - you will see the color coded wool resting upon the chart. The color code card - needles - our catalog and a missing wool form are tucked into the right side.

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